Learn Chinese: 75 Best Language Learning Tools (Plus Discounts!)

Have you always wanted to learn Chinese, but could never find the time or budget to attend language classes in person? If you’re looking for creative ways to continue your Chinese language learning, this guide to the 75 BEST Chinese language learning tools is exactly what you’re looking for.

With thousands of different online tools, learning Chinese online has never been easier than before. With this guide, we’ll show you 75 of the best language learning tools. All of these tools range from free to $500+. Search using the categories below or scroll down to see the list.

Mandarin Courses  | Mandarin Books  | Flashcards  | Apps  | Videos/Podcasts  | Games  | Forums  | Extensions

Courses | Chinese Language Learning Resources

Taking a course in the native language is one of the best ways to really grind the gears and start learning a new language. There are plenty of great Chinese language blogs out there, but a course adds some much-needed accountability. Different courses will offer different advantages, so it’s a good idea to take a few different courses to truly reap the benefits.

ChinesePod – Recommended Course (Plus DISCOUNT!)

The problem with most textbook-based courses is that you’re often taught lessons based on a certain set of vocabulary words they want you to learn. This is nice but not always practical. That’s where ChinesePod comes in.

Instead of giving you vocabulary-based lessons, ChinesePod delivers incredible life-based lessons that will not only teach you new vocabulary but also the most colloquial way to say an idea or phrase. You’re listening to real Chinese speakers through the podcast and interacting with other Chinese learners in their forum.

ChinesePod has a growing library of over 3,500 audio and video lessons with titles such as “How to Sound Polite”, “Road Rage Chinese” and “Comforting Someone”. Like I said, very practical and useful lessons.

  • Cost: $0 to $29/month options available
  • DISCOUNT! Get $50 off an annual package when you use the code “TCCHINA”.

Try 1-Month Free Trial of ChinesePod

Other Resources: Mandarin Courses

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages offers great Chinese lessons with fun tools, tips, and audio lessons. The app includes interactive audio lessons and do a great job “gamifying” learning by giving you points and earning badges. It’s a fun and relatively inexpensive way to learn the Chinese language and definitely worth giving the free trial a try.

  • Cost: Free to $250 – Click for a Free Trial!
  • Perfect for: People who are motivated to learn by earning “point” or “badges” for fun.

Try Rocket Languages

eChinese Learning

This is one of the biggest online Chinese schools in the world. Learn Chinese 24/7 from the comfort of your home. They provide Skype lessons with a private native Chinese-speaking tutor. You can focus on Survival Chinese Lessons, Chinese Cultural Lessons, Chinese Immersion Program, specific tests (HSK), or even business Chinese.

Try eChinese Learning


GoEast Mandarin’s Chinese language courses combine self-learning with experienced Mandarin teachers. GoEast has been teaching online and in Shanghai since 2012, to tens of thousands of students. They’re rated 4.9 out of 5, and offer over 50 different Mandarin courses.

  • Cost: $300 to +1000 for a full Mandarin course
  • Perfect for: Those who really want to advance their Mandarin on all areas.


Rosetta Stone Chinese

Rosetta Stone has evolved from a simple computer program to an integrated learning system that you can take with you on your phone, tablet and computer. It’s a tried-and-true method that helps you learn by association, not translation (which is key to fluency). Rosetta Stone Chinese is expensive, but I’ve enjoyed it.

  • Cost: $249 or $10-$20/month
  • Perfect for: visual learners who have constant access to mobile devices.

Try Rosetta Stone Chinese

Pimsleur Chinese

The Pimsleur method of learning is an integrative form of auditory learning where you study for thirty minutes per day. They present phrases in the new language, and then phrases in your mother tongue to help you learn with repetitive methods. If you’re an absolute newbie, this is a great way to start learning the sounds.

  • Cost: $175
  • Perfect for: auditory learners who want to improve their tones and accent.

Try Pimsleur Chinese

Silk Road Start

The Chinese teachers at Silk Road Start are experienced at helping learners develop confidence using Chinese to accomplish their goals. Join a small group of other learners of a similar level via Zoom. Teachers are based in Xi’an and also host many short-term study groups on university campuses during non-pandemic times.

  • Cost: $79/mo (small group); $119/mo private
  • Perfect for: Those who enjoy learning with a small group.

Try Silk Road Start

Tutor Mandarin

Tutor Mandarin is a tutor service that teaches students how to speak Chinese using an innovative app and desktop software. Different courses include beginner to advanced, spoken Chinese, business, HSK, and children’s Chinese, all taught 1-on-1 with Chinese professional tutors.

  • Cost: $6-$20 per class hour
  • Perfect for: Those who want to learn on their own but would like some individual help.

Try Tutor Mandarin

Glossika Mandarin

This listen-and-repeat approach to help with Chinese fluency is a great tool to have to practice speaking, listening to and writing Chinese. Glossika offers courses targeted to business people and travelers as well as the average language learner.

  • Cost: Starting at $79.99
  • Perfect for: business travelers or tourists who just want to be able to get around in China.

Try Glossika Chinese

The Chinese Teachers website has over 200 native Chinese teachers to help teach you Chinese! Their effective and convenient platform is great for beginners and those just getting into learning Chinese, and the price is often better than an in-person tutor.

  • Cost: $12-18/hour
  • Perfect for: Those who already have a strong foundation and need 1-on-1 tutoring attention.


Michael Thomas Chinese

The Michael Thomas Method has been used by Hollywood actors (so it has to be good, right?) and it breaks Mandarin Chinese down into its component parts, making it easier to learn, especially as a beginner. You learn how to easily form sentences in Mandarin Chinese, without homework, books, or heavy memorization.

  • Cost: $14.95- $135
  • Perfect for: self-starters who can pick languages up fast and want a good place to start with Chinese.

Try Michael Thomas

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Books/Newspapers | Best Chinese Reading Resources

Reading books or newspapers in Chinese is a great way to challenge yourself and improve your reading skills (also, check out our guide dedicated to how to learn to read Chinese better). While it might not be a good idea to dive into articles solely written in Chinese, it’s recommended to start simply, with picture books and newspapers with transcripts. The following online tools are extremely helpful in learning to read Chinese.

The Chairman’s Bao – Recommended Reading Tool (DISCOUNT!)

If you really want to improve your Mandarin Chinese reading efficiency, The Chairman’s Bao is an excellent tool. Instead of reading through pointless stories, you can catch up on the latest news of the day, written in Chinese!

These newspaper articles offer learners the chance to read about many different topics, from business, science, and sports. Each article is graded based on the HSK level so you can choose only those that fit your level.

The Chairman’s Bao works on a desktop, but it really shines as a mobile app. Download and take your Chinese reading on the go!

  • Cost: $6-$10 per month
  • DISCOUNT! Get 20% off when you use the code TCC20 at checkout!

Try The Chairman’s Bao for Free

Other Resources: Learn to Read Chinese

Remembering Hanzi

The Remembering Simplified Hanzi book covers the meaning and writing of 1,000 of the most commonly used characters in the Chinese writing system. If you have problems remembering how to read/write characters, this is an excellent method.

  • Cost: Starting $19.50
  • Perfect for: Those who can’t seem to remember Chinese characters to save their lives 😉

Buy Remembering Hanzi

Mandarin Companion

The Mandarin Companion graded-reader series of books is a fun way to read Chinese whether you’re a child or adult. Great stories combine with good illustrations to make this a must-have for both you and any child-learners.

  • Cost:$7 – $13
  • Perfect for: People who love to read the classics and want to have fun reading Chinese.

Try Mandarin Companion

Remember Characters

This building block styled book will help learners remember over 2,000 of the most commonly used Chinese characters. It also gives advice to remember simple Chinese character strokes and how to progress to complex Chinese strokes.

  • Cost:$10
  • Perfect for: Those who want to go beyond 1,000 characters in Remembering Hanzi.

View Chinese Characters

Chinese Breeze

Chinese Breeze is another set of graded readers similar to the Mandarin Companion series (see above). They have a better selection but aren’t as entertaining – they’re also available in both paperback and Kindle version.

  • Cost:$5 – $12
  • Perfect for: Those who need more selection for their Chinese graded reading books.

View Chinese Breeze

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Flashcards & Dictionaries for Chinese

If you’re a visual learner who loves memorization study techniques, then using flashcards and dictionaries is for you! Flashcards allows for repetition, while dictionaries let you search a word, study it, and memorize it. Dictionaries and flashcards go hand in hand and are wonderful tools to use to challenge your vocabulary skills.

Pleco – Recommended Dictionary/ Flashcard Tool

The Pleco dictionary app is a great tool to practice vocabulary as well as writing in Chinese. Pleco allows you to look up Chinese words live using your video camera (via OCR), or by drawing them on the screen. They have a huge database of Chinese dictionaries, recordings, and flashcards, making this one of the best tools out there for learning Chinese.

The dictionaries come with over 130,000 words, and over 20,000 example sentences in pinyin. They have free dictionaries for download as well as a 22,000 English-Cantonese dictionary.

One of the best parts about this dictionary is that the free version has a ton of benefits already, and you’ll get even more benefits with the paid version!

  • Cost: Basic $29.99 or Professional $79.99

Try Pleco for Free

Other Resources: Dictionary/ Flashcard

Anki Flashcards

The Anki flashcards app is the most commonly used app to learn Chinese (or any language) out there. Anki uses spaced repetition and lets you customize the flashcards with pictures and different audio. Create your own cards or download other collections.

  • Cost:$24.99
  • Perfect for: Those who want to make their own custom flashcards

Download the Anki App


Memrise is another wonderful flashcard tool that let’s you customize and create flashcards with pictures, audio, and text. It’s probably one of the best-designed flashcard apps. There is a free and a paid version, which is $60 per year, and there are numerous languages available.

  • Cost:Free or $60/year
  • Perfect for: Learners who want a more aesthetically-pleasing flashcard app to use.

Try the Memrise App


MDBG is a great dictionary in that it works with translating English to Chinese very well and provides pronunciation of Chinese characters. MDBG has Mandarin pinyin, and is one of the best dictionaries to learn Chinese.

  • Cost:Free

Visit MDBG

Line Dictionary

The LINE dictionary is a great tool to use on the go and throughout the day. It gives you phrases and idioms of the day, and news and cultural items. It’s more complex and has more content than Pleco.

  • Cost:Free

Try Line Dictionary


The ZDT program let’s you create your own flashcards. This is a great tool to have in addition to other programs; in that you can create your own flashcards based on characters you’re having trouble remembering.

  • Cost:$30 per year

Visit ZDT Website

Yellow Bridge

This Chinese dictionary and thesaurus translates Mandarin into English. It’s simple and basic, but it is a good dictionary to have on hand if there’s anything you need to quickly look up with more accuracy than Google Translate.

  • Cost:Free

Visit Yellow Bridge

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Apps for Learning Chinese

If you’re on an on-the-go learner, then mobile apps are the best tools to use to learn Chinese (in addition to being great on-the-go Chinese voice translators). Apps are great in that because there’s such a wide variety of them out there, you can have multiple apps each targeting different skills and areas of learning. Some apps allow you to speak to native Chinese locals, while others help with your reading and writing skills.

Skritter – Recommended App for Learning Chinese (DISCOUNT)

Skritter is one of my favorite apps for learning Chinese – particularly learning how to write Chinese. The app uses spaced repetition and tracks your progress to be very personalized, making it easier to notice your improvement and progress.

In addition to writing, the app acts as a sort of flashcard app that quizzes you on pronunciation and character recognition. You can download specific lists (for example, a list for HSK 4 vocabulary) or create your own custom list.

Skritter is a bit of an investment, but once you start to see your improvement it will easily become worth the money.

  • Cost:$14.99/month or $99.99 per year
  • Perfect for: Students who want to learn to write Chinese
  • Discount: Use coupon code CHINA10OFF to get a 7-day free trial plus 50% off your first 6 months!

Try the Skritter App

Other Resources: Apps for Learning Chinese

Standard Manadrin

This is a great app to learn Chinese pronunciation and pinyin. Listeners can hear any pinyin sound for proper pronunciation. It also comes with a guide to help you with your pronunciation.

  • Cost:Free
  • Perfect for: People who want to improve their pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese.

Standard Mandarin App


HelloTalk gives learners a wonderful chance at speaking to a native from China in Chinese, without having to leave your home! Best of all, it’s FREE! There are paid features, but talking to other natives is free.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: Learners who want to talk with a native Chinese speaker (for free!)

Try HelloTalk App


This app is a great way to enhance your vocabulary and grammar skills and is especially good for beginners. ChineseSkill offers many different exercises and puts words in context, making it easier to understand.

  • Cost:Free
  • Perfect for: Beginners who want to review basic grammar concepts and vocabulary.

Try Chinese Skill App


This app is an exciting way to learn Chinese characters. Instead of learning in a repetitive manner, Zizzle transforms the characters into stories with heroes. These visualizations are funny and an exciting way to learn Chinese.

  • Cost:$7.99- $47.99
  • Perfect for: Young learners or those who want a different way to learn Chinese characters.

Try Zizzle App

TutorMing Classroom

This app is great to have for those of you constantly on the go. Their Chinese consultants are available to answer your questions whenever you need. The classrooms are live and with a real Chinese teacher.

  • Cost: $250 – $300 per month
  • Perfect for: People who want the classroom experience without the hassle of going to school.

Try TutorMing App

NJ Star Chinese

This computer software is specifically developed to help people learning both Chinese and Japanese. It’s designed for processing simplified and traditional Chinese and has popup dictionary functions.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: People who will only be learning from their desktop computers.

Try NJ Star


This website allows you to copy and paste a Chinese website into their search bar. Then, they’ll translate the entire website into English for you. This is a great tool to have if you’re studying Chinese and need a simple English translation.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: People who might be using Chinese-based websites often.

Try Rikai Translation


This popular Chinese app allows you to send and receive text messages, video messages, and audio messages. Connect with Chinese users (there are hundreds of millions!) to chat in Chinese and make a new type of “pen pal”!

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: Authentic social interaction with Chinese people in China and around the world.

Download WeChat App


This Chinese dictionary mobile app is simple to use and lets you toggle between Chinese and English quite easily. It’s great for beginners and is great for on the go learning.

  • Cost:$4.99
  • Perfect for: Chinese learners who want a non-nonsense dictionary app.

Try Qingwen

Learn Chinese – Mindsnacks

This app offers eight engaging games to help with essential vocabulary and conversational skills. It has over 1,000 vocabulary words, audio clips & 40 hours of games. Great fun!

  • Cost:Free
  • Perfect for: Learners who want to add a little spice to their language learning!

Try Learn Chinese

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Videos/ Podcasts to Learn Chinese

Listening to Chinese is just as important as writing, reading, and speaking it. By consistently hearing the native tongue, you’re exposing yourself to more Chinese than you otherwise would have if you were only to read and write in the language. Allowing yourself to get used to hearing the language will only benefit you in the long run. For more useful info, check out our guide to the best podcasts to learn Chinese.

FluentU – Top Video Tool for Learning Chinese

FluentU is one of the most powerful tools out there for learning Chinese. FluentU comes with movies, music videos, TV shows, and more, to help you enhance every single aspect of the Chinese language.

You can improve writing skills with certain add-ons as well as improve your reading skills. You can click on any subtitle and automatically see a definition with multiple examples. Their flashcards come with mini games as well!

FluentU has thousands of videos to take advantage of. The site is simple and straight forward, and comes at an affordable cost for what you receive in return.

Because these videos are so varied, FluentU really hits the nail on the head for a well-rounded approach to learning.

Cost: Basic $15/month, Premium $30/month

Try FluentU for Free!

Other Resources: Chinese Videos & Podcasts

YoYo Chinese

YoYo Chinese offers easy video lessons for English speakers and over 800 audio and video lessons. Their curriculum is easy to follow, with simple and clear instructions. This website is great for beginners and for those of you just getting started.

  • Cost:Free to $159/year
  • Perfect for: Learners who need short, digestible video lessons on the go.

Try YoYo Chinese


Learn, discover, and explore with Yep!Chinese. These 15 minute audio lessons are a great way to improve your listening skills. The topics are diverse, and learners have a chance to study Chinese culture and news in addition to various other topics.

  • Cost:Free
  • Perfect for: Those who want to take a placement test to know where to start.

Try Yep!Chinese

Rapid Mandarin

Through repetitive tunes, Rapid Mandarin makes use of songs to help you learn how to speak Chinese. Through this repetition, you become more and more accustomed to speaking with these phrases.

  • Cost: $13 – $40
  • Perfect for: People who love to use music to learn a language.

Try Rapid Mandarin


These free audiobooks are a great tool to have to enhance your Chinese listening skills. Volunteers read the books from around the world, so you can listen to one of your favorite classics read in Chinese in the native tongue.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: More advanced listeners who love to read the classics.

Try LibriVox

Tudou & YouKu

Similar to YouTube, these TV shows have subtitles and is a great way to listen to the language being spoken. Although geo-restricted, there are ways to watch Youku from outside China that also work with TuDou.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: Learners who know what kind of video they want to watch and don’t mind long ads.

Visit YouKu


This radio lets you tune in to stations all over the world, and is especially convenient for those of you learning Chinese listening. Browse the different Chinese stations, pick one you like, and listen away.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: Advanced learners who want to improve their listening skills.

Listen to TuneIn

PopUp Chinese

You can choose between free and paid podcasts on PopUp Chinese. It’s one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes & comes with various other Mandarin study tools.

  • Cost: Free (and paid)

Tryt PopUp Chinese

Yabla Chinese

This website provides videos available for playback to help you with your Chinese listening skills. You can also select words from the subtitles if you’re stuck on a definition or character.

  • Cost: Free

Try Yabla Chinese

Slow Chinese Podcast

This cultural podcast offers 120 free cultural episodes about ancient and modern Chinese culture. It’s different than most in that it really dives into the cultural aspects of China and, as the name suggests – it’s spoken slowly.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: Intermediate Chinese learners who want a better way to listen to Chinese.

Listen to Slow Chinese


Tapping into the Chinese TV Network is a great way to listen to native speakers talk in Chinese about the news. You can learn about current events in China at the same time. This method is recommended for more advanced learners.

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: Advanced Chinese students who want to stay up-to-date with current events.

Watch CNTV


This website publishes daily news articles, which are great to have and easily accessibly from your home. They also have thousands of videos available in Chinese, and is overall a great tool to take advantage of.

  • Cost: Free

Visit Lingolistic

ChineseClass 101

This course offers podcasts in Chinese to help you improve your listening skills. They have over 1,200 video and audio lessons, offer PDF lesson notes, and have energetic hosts to make learning fun and engaging.

  • Cost:$8- $549

Try ChineseClass101

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Games | Chinese Language Resources

Repetitive, monotonous learning can get quite boring, quickly. Playing games in Chinese is a great way to change up your learning environment and allow you to have fun! From games challenging your writing skills, to expanding your vocabulary, these games are some of the best out there to learn Chinese.

Chinese Writer – Recommended Game

Chinese Writer by trainchinese is one of the most fun ways to practice writing in Chinese. It’s an interactive writing game where users have to trace falling characters before they hit the bottom of the screen.

You collect points the more characters you trace correctly! It’s easy to play and a great way to diverge from monotonous learning.

In addition to being a good game to play, the trainchinese app also offers a great dictionary and flashcard functionality that will give you other ways to study your Chinese as well.

Cost: Free, $.99 for additional features

Try ChineseWriter by trainchinese

Other Resources: Games to Learn Chinese


This game encourages animal vocabulary and learning. It comes with over 25 animals and their sounds, and the correct pronunciation for them. Kids will love this type of Chinese learning!

  • Cost: Free
  • Perfect for: Children who are just starting their Chinese learning.

Try WCC Zoo


Ninchanese offers over 3,500 lessons in how to read, speak, and understand Chinese. Users learn to count, eat at restaurants, ask for the time, etc. Read my NinChanese review.

  • Cost: Free (paid upgrades)
  • Perfect for: Younger learners who enjoy using a tablet or other mobile device to learn.

Try NinChanese


These tested and proven games have over 5,000 words to help you learn Chinese. Each game is fun and interactive, and compliments grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills. They also offer flashcards among other helpful learning tools.

  • Cost: Free

Visit GamesLearnChinese

This website, which can be used for multiple languages besides Chinese, offers over 500 free games and activities to help you learn Mandarin Chinese. From songs, puzzles, matching games, and bingo, this website is a fun language learning tool!

  • Cost: Free


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Guides & Forums | Chinese Language Resources

Guides and forums that help with Internet search, translation, and various other tools are great additions to have with other tools to help you learn Chinese. It’s inevitable that you’re going to get stuck at some point during your studies and need to search for something on the Internet. That’s why these guides and forums are some of the best ways to answer any questions you have. From search engines to chatting with locals, here are the best guides and forums to learn Chinese.

Chinese Forums – Recommended Forum to Learn Chinese:

These forums are quite popular, with over 300,000+ posts. Whether you have a question about culture, studying, or living in China, this forum will get you the answer.

Forum topics include anything from grammar, Chinese history, Chinese language services, and various topics like listening and speaking. Simply ask any question you have, and someone will give you an answer. You can also search through old posts to see if someone has already asked and answered any question you might have.

Take advantage of this forum! If you’re ever stuck on anything, this forum will help you quite quickly due to its popularity.

Cost: Free

Try out

Other Resources: Guides & Forums to Learn Chinese

Chinese Grammar Wiki

This great resource is a good addition to many of the other tools on this guide, as it shows learners Chinese grammar in a structured way. This is a great way to clear up any grammar confusion you may come across.

  • Cost: Free

Visit Chinese Grammar Wiki


This is a humorous way to learn how to live and work in China. John Pasden offers free resources to learn Chinese, such as how to learn tones, grammar hurdles, and the learning curves to learning Chinese.

  • Cost: Free

Visit Sinosplice


This website offers translations of various sentences to help enhance your reading. They have a ton of variety; it’s great if you’re looking to learn to translate different sentences.

  • Cost: Free

Visit Jukuu


This website is the Chinese version of Google. You’ll have access to movies, TV shows, and more. If you’re looking for something specific, this is where to look.

  • Cost: Free


Mandarin Chinese Tools

This website is a great guide for finding other Chinese learning tools. You can look up flashcards, learn about Chinese culture, and even get a Chinese name.

  • Cost: Free

Mandarin Chinese Tools


This website offers interesting reading material in traditional Chinese characters. Their website is in Chinese, so if you’re up for the challenge, I recommend this website for more advanced learners.

  • Cost: Free

Visit MDNKids


This website is a great tool to have as it offers guides and links to help you learn Chinese. They also give information about China such as the cost of living, health and safety, traditions, and transportation.

  • Cost: Free

Visit ChinaImmersion

Fluent in Mandarin

From characters, songs, reading, and courses, this website offers the best tools to learn Chinese and helps motivate learners to continue studying and learning,

  • Cost: Free

This website has it all! From Chinese pinyin, Chinese writing, Chinese speaking, Chinese reading, grammar, and song lyrics, this website is a great guide to many different language tools.

  • Cost: Free



This forum is a great way to improve your writing in that native Chinese speakers read your writing and correct it for you. They give you feedback and give helpful answers as well.

  • Cost: Free

Visit Lang-8


This website connects students and teachers from around the world, so it’s possible to interact with a teacher from your own home. There are over 100 Chinese teachers and over 500 tutors.

  • Cost: Free

Visit iTalki

Chinese Stack Exchange

This question and answer site is a great tool to have if you’re stuck on something while learning Chinese. You can ask any question, and a native Chinese teacher will answer it for you!

  • Cost: Free

Chinese Stack Exchange


You can search for specific Chinese expressions on this website and have a native Chinese speaker pronounce it for you, so you can hear it said correctly.

  • Cost: Free

Visit Forvo

Study More Chinese

This forum not only allows questions and solves answers, but they have online teachers available, Chinese videos, and blogs, all great tools to help you learn Mandarin.

  • Cost: Free

Visit Study More Chinese


This forum covers tons of different language skills, from culture, grammar, exams, business Chinese, and more. It’s a well-rounded tool to have to learn Chinese.

  • Cost: Free

Visit DigMandarin


From games, quizzes, audio and video lessons, vocabulary, and pinyin & tones, this website covers it all. It covers all of the basis and groundwork for learning Chinese.

  • Cost: Free


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Extensions | Chinese Language Learning Resources

Last but not least, internet browser extensions are a must-have when learning Chinese. These add-ons help you translate words, challenge you by surprising you with random translations, or tracks your progress. They offer variety and a great way to help you learn Chinese.

Firefox Perakun/ Chrome Zhongwen – Recommended Extension

These website plugins, one for Firefox and one for Chrome, are wonderful tools to install when learning Chinese. Simply add the plugin, and the plugin translates Chinese character definitions and pronunciation when you hover over it.

If you’re ever stuck on a word while reading something on the Internet, using this extension will save you the time and hassle of having to look up that word in a dictionary.

Cost: Free

Other Resources: Internet Browser Extensions


This chrome extension is good for advanced learners who want to continue to challenge themselves. The extension tracks progress, allows you to highlights words, reviews through repetition, and let’s you create your own library of texts.

  • Cost: Free

Try Readlang


This chrome extension is exciting in that it changes a percentage of what you’re reading on the web to your target language, in this case, Chinese. You never know which words are going to be translated, making it a great way for random review.

  • Cost: Free

Try Flewent

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Conclusion | 75 Best Tools to Learn Chinese Online

The Internet is full of wonderful tools to help you learn Chinese online! Hopefully this list has given you confidence to find whatever kind of tool you’re looking for on your journey to Chinese fluency.

Whether you’re on a strict budget and are only looking for free tools, or interested in in-depth courses to challenge your language skills, there are a ton of different options for you to choose from. Stop hesitating and start your language learning today!

Further Reading & Resources

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